God’s Split-second Timing

For he will command his angels concerning you, to guard you in all your ways. – Psalm 91:11

“Anyone with kids has to believe in guardian angels, because statistically it’s impossible to grow up.” – my father

I didn’t want to interrupt their day. Thank God I did.

While my daughter Joanna’s family lives only a mile from us, the other grandparents live in another state. So, when “Marni and Papa” are in town for a visit, my husband and I usually do our own thing and let them have the grandkids to themselves.

Caroline, with her sassy sense of humor, made it abundantly clear that the focus was on the visitors Tuesday when I was dropping her off along with her sister Charlotte. We had been enjoying a frozen yogurt treat and some animated conversation, but when the girls spotted the familiar car in the driveway, the pitch got even higher as both shrieked with delight, “Marni and Papa!” As they got out of the car, Charlotte said “Thank you, Nana, I love you,” and Caroline, who had barely finished her frozen yogurt, yelled, “‘Bye, Nana! You’re yesterday’s news.” (I guess it was a little rude, and I probably shouldn’t encourage her, but if I had tried not to laugh, I could have hurt myself.)

In spite of the visit from the other grandparents, Friday I “borrowed” Charlotte for a little while. My younger granddaughter gets allergy shots two or three times a week, and because that’s something she and I have in common, I am the one who takes her. On days when I get my shots we get them together. It’s one less thing my daughter has to do, and it has proven to be a very special time for Charlotte and me. The conversations in the car, more often than not, have been those “teachable moments” we’re always hearing about. Of my five grandchildren, Charlotte has always been the one who is most curious about the things of God, and from the time she could barely talk I have frequently marveled at the depth of her questions.

So Friday morning I shot a text to Joanna: “Good morning! Yesterday’s News here. Do you want me to take Charlotte for her shots today? If so, what time?” After assuring me that I wasn’t yesterday’s news to her – (heart emoji) – Joanna said whatever time I wanted, they were just kind of “hanging out,” doing miscellaneous things.

Little did I know that the “random” time I picked was spot on in God’s plan.

(Or was it foiling the enemy’s plan?)

It was a beautiful day, and as I turned the corner next to Joanna’s house, I saw Charlotte standing in the yard, ready to be picked up. Her little brother Jackson was sitting at the edge of the street writing on the pavement with a big blue, piece of chalk, right behind his mother’s minivan. I wondered why the little guy had chosen that odd spot for his artwork.

Suddenly I saw the minivan moving – Joanna was backing out of the driveway!

Realizing she couldn’t see him in any of her mirrors, I hit the horn loud and hard.

Jackson jumped, saw the van, moved over, and kept right on writing. Joanna stopped, giving me an inquisitive look. I parked and ran over as she rolled down the window to see what the emergency was.

“I didn’t know if you knew Jackson was sitting behind your car…” I panted.

From the expression on her face, she clearly had not.

Somehow we both survived the incident without a heart attack, and between Joanna, Charlotte, and me, we persuaded (scolded) Jackson to draw elsewhere and stay out of the street. Annoyed that he had to start over, he clearly didn’t see what all the fuss was about. He threw the chalk onto the ground and stomped into the house.

As Charlotte and I pulled away and headed for the allergist, I said to her, “Well, Charlotte, if you ever wonder why God allowed you to have allergies and have to get shots, if nothing else, here’s a reason: to save your brother’s life!

I walked her through the “what-ifs”: that if it weren’t for having to take her for her shots, I would not have come over and interrupted their day. It also dawned on me that, had I arrived five seconds later – or if I had picked up Charlotte five minutes earlier – there could have been a tragedy from which none of us would have ever recovered.

Every day I ask God to take care of our family, and at times like this I can clearly see His hand in our lives.

But I truly believe that there are countless other times He has had His angels around us when we aren’t even aware of the dangers or thinking about Him, and He “delivers us from evil” more times than we know.

I realize that there are many godly families that have experienced tragedy, and I wouldn’t attempt to explain why. I expect those times will come for us in some form, someday – no one’s life is without its hardships and grief. But that’s exactly why I want to take nothing for granted today. If we’ll focus on and and be thankful for the thousands of times the Lord has been merciful and gracious to us, I believe the memories of those times will give us strength and faith to trust Him when we don’t understand what He’s doing or allowing.

He’s in control, and He knows best.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for every moment of our lives. I believe You have a plan for each of us, and as we put our trust in You, we will not leave this world one moment before Your plan for us is completed. Give us divine perspective, to recognize Your hand in our lives, that we would continually give You the thanks and praise You deserve, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

49 thoughts on “God’s Split-second Timing

  1. Praise God for those angels. I just did a mini study on Angels because we are studying Hebrews and the are mentioned. I learned they will will be with me as I take the journey from earth to heaven. I always kind of worried about that part of the journey but just knowing the angels will be there took my fear away. When my mother died there was such a quiet in the room that I knew it was the angels that were watching over her. Good post,

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    1. I sometimes feel worried about that journey, too. When I read it described by those who have passed, then returned, it seems strange and creepy. But they always say it was peaceful and that they didn’t feel alone.

      What kind of research did you do? Was it testimonies of those who have passed but returned? Or Bible excerpts?

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      1. it was through the bible and the times it speaks of angels and their ministry in the past and in our lives today. I am assured we have a guardian angel and have experienced times I was protected from harm by I believe by angel. There is tons of stuff out there online about angels. I have only talked to one person who died and came back. It totally changed their life and they believe in an eternity and a Divine God.

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      2. I love the way C. S. Lewis described how he believed it would be someday when we meet the angels that have been caring for us all our lives. He believed they would be very familiar, and our response would be something like, “So, it was YOU all along?!” 💕

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  2. Wow! I had chills reading this. God’s timing and protection – praise God🙌 I do believe his angels surround and protect us.
    I love what you said that we will go through tough times but remembering all the times where we experience the Lords mercy and grace will give us strength during those tough times.

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    1. Manu, I think any parent has had the experience of having a child complain and whine about something they don’t like, while ignoring the thousands of good things that have been done for them. I don’t want to be “that kid.” 😉

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  3. Amazing story. I truly believe that there are angels all around us tending to our Fathers purpose and plans in our lives. He takes care of His own. Thank you for sharing your story with such detail. ♡

    I read a great book called ‘Appointments With Heaven’ by Dr. Reggie Anderson, and the forward was written by Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth. There are definitely Gods Angels looking out after us and as we journey on to be with the Lord.

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      1. I remember the accident, that is a chapter in this book as to how their family became friends with the doctors family. He wrote about it in more detail in one of the chapters. Dr Anderson mainly kept all the stories geared towards his relationship with Jesus Christ. Each chapter is a true life story he’s had with each patient….I’m not a fast reader, nor do I finish many books unless they capture my attention and keep it engaged until I finish. This one did.
        I worked in Orthopedics and Neurosurgeons offices since 1990, and a Hematology Oncology office from 2007 to 2015, so reading a true story of a Christian doctor about appointments with heaven really piqued my interest, and gave me hope of our journey toward our eternal home to be with Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father.

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  4. Wow. Talk about God’s perfect timing. There is a reason for all things. Some we get to see immediately, as evidenced here. Others, if we don’t discover why here, I am sure will be made clear on the other side! Grateful for the outcome in this case!

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  5. How often have I had the “stomps” like Jackson despite God’s gracious intervention on my behalf! Glad you shared!

    I know about those allergy shots. I bet I paid for over $10,000 worth before my wife talked me into seeing an acupuncture guy who was running an ad. $400 and four visits later, the shots became a thing of the past. I have no idea how it helped, but western medicine is not always the only way. I remember a statement from T.L. Osborne (probably paraphrasing) that healing is of God, however it comes.

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  6. Such a lovely story! I’m reminded not to make any plans without God, to bring everything before Him, with a thankful heart. Thank you for the reminder, stay safe and take care 🙏🏼

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  7. Oh my–what a story! Praise God for his provision and timing! So appreciate the life lessons you included at the end, because God can’t intervene in every situation. (Otherwise this would be heaven here and now, and that’s not his plan.) But when we remember the thousands of times God has demonstrated his mercy and grace, we’ll feed our faith to trust him when we don’t understand. Thank you for that insight, Annie.

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