“It’s Friday. But Sunday’s Coming!”

“Truly, truly, I say to you, that you will weep and lament, but the world will rejoice; you will grieve, but your grief will be turned into joy.”                                                                                                                                                                     John 16:20


If the title of this post looks familiar to you, it’s because S. M. Lockridge (1913-2000), a prominent African-American preacher, preached a sermon by that name that has moved people, stirred their passion, and given them hope for years. Author and speaker Tony Campolo was so moved by Lockridge’s words that he has been sharing the message with his audiences and written a book by that name.

Even though the circumstances in the world have changed, the power of the Cross hasn’t, and the hope of the Resurrection remains timeless. Today of all days, let’s remember the incredible LOVE that was extended to us on that gruesome Friday so long ago, ponder its meaning, and share it with our loved ones.

Here is an excerpt from that famous sermon, as relevant as ever, followed by my “updated” 2020 version of the conclusion:

It’s Friday. Jesus is praying. Peter’s a sleeping. Judas is betraying. But Sunday’s comin’.

It’s Friday. Pilate’s struggling. The council is conspiring. The crowd is vilifying. They don’t even know That Sunday’s comin’.

It’s Friday. The disciples are running Like sheep without a shepherd. Mary’s crying. Peter is denying. But they don’t know That Sunday’s a comin’.

It’s Friday. The Romans beat my Jesus. They robe him in scarlet. They crown him with thorns. But they don’t know That Sunday’s comin’.

It’s Friday. See Jesus walking to Calvary. His blood dripping. His body stumbling. And his spirit’s burdened. But you see, it’s only Friday. Sunday’s comin’.

It’s Friday. The world’s winning. People are sinning. And evil’s grinning.
It’s Friday. The soldiers nail my Savior’s hands To the cross. They nail my Savior’s feet
To the cross. And then they raise him up Next to criminals. It’s Friday. But let me tell you something Sunday’s comin’.

It’s Friday. The disciples are questioning. What has happened to their King. And the Pharisees are celebrating That their scheming Has been achieved. But they don’t know It’s only Friday. Sunday’s comin’.

It’s Friday. He’s hanging on the cross. Feeling forsaken by his Father. Left alone and dying Can nobody save him? Ooooh It’s Friday. But Sunday’s comin’.

It’s Friday. The earth trembles. The sky grows dark. My King yields his spirit. It’s Friday. Hope is lost. Death has won. Sin has conquered. and Satan’s just a laughin’.
It’s Friday. Jesus is buried. A soldier stands guard. And a rock is rolled into place. But it’s Friday. It is only Friday. Sunday is a comin’! *

2020: It’s Friday. An invisible enemy has invaded nation after nation. The peoples of the world are terrified. But Sunday’s coming.

It’s Friday. Once booming cities are all but empty. London, New York, and Paris are ghost towns. Italy is a graveyard. But Sunday’s coming.

It’s Friday. People are isolated from loved ones, separated by glass, social distancing, and fear. Smiles are hidden behind masks. But Sunday’s coming.

It’s Friday. Hospitals are filled to capacity. Medical staff look like ghosts. They try to extend compassion through masks, gloves, gowns, face shields, and their own anxieties. But Sunday’s coming.

It’s Friday. Families are devastated, losing loved ones without saying good-bye, mourning without funerals, grieving without comfort. Unless they know that Sunday’s coming.

It’s Friday. Jews are commemorating another time they were hidden in their homes, shielded from the Angel of Death by the blood of a spotless lamb on their doors. Again they are awaiting their liberation, watching and waiting for the second Moses, the promised Messiah. He has come! And He is coming back! (Sunday’s coming.)

It’s Friday. Christians are remembering the spotless Lamb of God, betrayed, arrested, beaten, mocked, spit on, nailed to a cross and left to die, the Lamb whose blood saves us from eternal death. (Sunday’s coming.)

It’s Friday. Skeptics and scoffers are shaking their fists at a God they claim not to believe in. They mock believers – “He’s coming back? You people have been saying that for almost 2000 years!” … almost. But Sunday’s coming.

It’s Friday. Some are wondering if these are the end times. Some are predicting the end of the world. Some have given up hope. But don’t give up hope – Sunday’s coming!

So, now it’s 2021. Has anything changed in the past year? Are we still anxious to “get back to normal”? Are we willing to do anything it takes to get there?

Or are we realizing that “normal” is overrated? Is “normal” even possible any more? Is the world spinning out of control? (Have we ever been in control?) 

It’s Friday. “Has God forgotten us?” some are asking. Others are wondering, “Is He mad at us? Does He hate us? Have we gone too far?”

YES, we have sinned, YES we are all guilty, YES, we desperately need forgiveness, but He has paid for our sins on the Cross, so we can be FORGIVEN and receive eternal life!

Does God still love us? Look at the Lamb of God, sacrificed for you.

(YES, He loves us!)

He has not fallen off His throne! He is in control! He knows things we don’t, and He tells us to trust Him. Death is not the end! He is coming back. Whatever the world, the flesh, or the devil are telling us, we need to keep looking to Him, knowing that 



Enjoy my new favorite song that I played (and sang) countless times in the past year, which seems very relevant today:

Andrew Peterson – Is He Worthy? – YouTube

Prayer: Lord Jesus, today as we remember Your suffering on the Cross to pay for our sins, we look to You as our only hope in a fallen and desperately wicked world. It has been said that something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. We have seen the price You were willing to pay for us, and we know that You won’t give up on us now. We thank You, we praise You, we rejoice in the Love that was demonstrated by Your sacrifice, and the hope of the Resurrection that we celebrate this Sunday – and every day of our redeemed lives. In Your name we pray, amen.

46 thoughts on ““It’s Friday. But Sunday’s Coming!”

  1. Amen, and so well done! Your “updates” were in perfect harmony with the powerful original. Also, having been born and raised Jewish, I appreciate you remembering the Jewish people this Passover as they still await the first coming of the Messiah. May their eyes be opened.

    Have a wonderful Resurrection Sunday weekend!

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  2. Another well written and relevant message that God inspired you to write. Thank you for the calming message. Yes, Sunday is a-coming. Our Savior is risen!
    Happy Easter Ann.

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    1. Lol, I started calling it “Resurrection Sunday,” or just “Resurrection Day” when a group of hyperconscious people were getting critical about the term “Easter.” It was supposedly the name of some pagan celebration that Christians decided to “Christianize,” … blahblahblah…
      Anyway, you and I both know what Sunday is, so enjoy! 😉

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  3. This is a good post. Good to remember in your darkest hours that the light will come again.

    Still praying every morning by the way. Beat my 2 month new years resolution promise. 🙂

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  4. ‘It’s Friday, but Sunday’s comin’ Just read about this sermon today in the ‘Jesus I never Knew’ by Philip Yancey. He proceeds in his book to say, ‘Yet in real sense we live on Satursay, the day with no name… Human history grinds on, between the time of promise and fulfilment…’

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  5. Thank you very much for sharing this Annie, I’ve never heard it before and it is “the” beautiful realization. Jesus told His disciples (and us) that because He lives, we shall also live and that He is our righteousness, He paid the price that our transgressions against a Holy God necessitate and His righteousness, which is the righteousness of the Father (there is none good but God), has already conquered the world and the consequences of our transgressions, for us. That is the ultimate realization and literally, with that realization, acceptance and trust in our minds, hearts and spirits, nothing else matters, literally nothing. Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter Annie.


  6. I heard a recording of this sermon a number of years ago. It’s still impactful, even when read silently. But when you can “hear” Rev. Lockridge’s passionate voice in your imagination, the reading is greatly enhanced. He so vividly highlights the fear, turmoil and discouragement of that first Good Friday and in our day as well. But oh what hope and excitement Lockridge generates with “Sunday’s coming!” Hallelujah! Thank you, Annie, for bringing this sermon back to my attention. Praise God we are NEVER without hope!

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  7. I put this video of him saying those wonderful words every Easter. Then I play it everytime I get on facebook before I do anything else. It builds my foundation of trusting the Lord every time I listen or read it. Happy EAster

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  8. Whoa, reading that brings back memories! I once heard Lockridge preach that; I think it was on a radio show or a cassette tape. Good stuff. I’m sorry to say, though, that Tony Campolo, who used to be one of my favorite authors because he wrote about issues that others didn’t, has gone off the deep end in regard to what he now teaches about hell.

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