Mr. Walker’s Miracle (A Christmas Story) Part 6

Mr. Walker’s Miracle (A Christmas Story)

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King of kings! – Forever and ever! And Lord of lords! – Halleluia! Halleluia!

(“Let God be God!”)

And He shall reign forever and ever!”

(“If I die tonight, I’m a blessed man.”)

NO! Liz cried in her heart, even as she sang “Halleluia! Halleluia!” Lord You can’t take him now! Please ! Not now!

“King of kings! And Lord of lords!!”

(“Let God be God.”)

“King of kings! And Lord of lords!”

(“If I die tonight …”)

No, Jesus! Please – !

“And He shall reign forever and ever!”

(“If I die tonight, let God be God.”)

Liz was singing as if Mr. Walker’s life depended on it, and it seemed the rest of the choir was doing the same. As the final “halleluia’s” rang out, Liz saw to her horror that Mr. Walker was starting to shake again. His eyes had a look of utter disbelief, and as the choir stopped for the dramatic pause before the final “halleluia,” that pause seemed like an eternity in which the words echoed, “If I die tonight, let God be God.”

The choir was holding its collective breath, waiting for the signal for the closing line, and the audience appeared to be doing the same. The something happened that was totally unexpected.

Mr. Walker’s trembling hands suddenly grasped the armrests as if to steady himself and stop the shaking, and slowly, with a look of intense determination …

He stood up.

The with a look of complete incredulity, he raised his hands in triumph.

Two miracles occurred that night. The first was that Mr. Walker stood before his choir, completely healed. The second was that in their state of shock the choir still managed to sing the final “HALLE – – LU – -IA!” as he directed them.

Since the whole audience was standing, most were unaware at first of what they were witnessing, except those in the first few rows and those in the balcony. Members of the church who knew Mr. Walker’s story were awestruck. Strangers were puzzled, and a few cynics thought it was in poor taste for such a prominent church to resort to such a corny publicity stunt.

Beverly, of course, knew better. She stood reverently as the applause thundered, tears glistening on her cheeks. Her husband was gazing beyond the audience, oblivious to the ovation.

Ordinarily at that point the orchestra, choir, and soloists would each take a turn at accepting the applause, but somehow individual bows seemed out of place that night. The only One worthy of praise was receiving it all.

No one wanted to go home that night. Why would anyone who had tasted heaven want to return to earth? Liz, of course, responded as she did to any profound event in her life; she cried profusely. Sean wrapped his arms around her and shook his head in affectionate amusement, but his eyes were glistening, too. All around there were tears and hugs, and one of Mr. Walker’s grandchildren expressed the feelings of most as she jumped up and down with glee, clapping her chubby hands and squealing with delight. Seeing her, “Grampa Chuck” crouched down and opened his arm wide. The toddler ran to him and was lifted, giggling into the air. “Gamma Bebberly” looked on, her face beaming with pleasure.

* * * * * * * *

The following day, Christmas Day, the church received word that Charles Walker has gone to be with his Lord, sometime after midnight Christmas Eve. He had slipped away quietly in his sleep, leaving this life the same way in which he had walked it, with a look of profound joy on his face.

* * * * * * * *

(to be continued …)

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