Ignorance is NOT Bliss! Part 3: Slaves of Satan

“I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.” – [Jesus] (Luke 10:19)

It happened nearly thirty years ago, so I don’t remember the exact date or even the month. Kelly and I were playing on the floor in the den. Kelly was around 14-18 months old at the time.

Everything was calm and peaceful, until suddenly Kelly started screaming. I couldn’t tell if it was from fear or pain – or both. Wide-eyed and shaking, she pointed toward the top shelf of the bookcases in the corner of the room. I strained to see what she was pointing to but saw nothing out of the ordinary. And yet, the panicked screaming intensified.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?” I asked, bewildered, knowing full well she couldn’t talk yet, other than “Mama,” Dada,” and “bot-bot,” but she wasn’t saying any of those words, just shrieking. Now she was now lying on her side, jerking. It looked as if something invisible was kicking her in the stomach. Whatever was happening wasn’t natural. Whatever it was, something was attacking my baby!

The Mama Bear in me rose up, and I spoke loudly and clearly, with all the authority I could muster:

In the name of Jesus, STOP! Get away from her! Get out of this house!” (Or words to that effect)

Kelly stopped jerking, and I held her and rocked her on my lap In a few minutes, she had caught her breath and stopped crying. I pondered what had just happened.

When I told my prayer partner, also named Kelly, about it the next day, her response was immediate.

“Well, I know what that was. What I want to know is, how did it get in your house?!

She knew that shortly after we had first moved into our home, I had claimed the house for the Lord, going room to room, rebuking any unholy spirits and telling them to get out. I had spoken a blessing over each space, including the basement, attic, and hallways. Kelly (friend) had done the same with her house, but also “anointing” the doorposts and property lines with oil.

This incident brought back a dream Kelly (friend) had had years before, which was very relevant. In the dream she was out with her toddler Jessica and encountered a woman who was a known witch. This woman got in her face and started speaking curses. Kelly responded by looking her in the eye and rebuking her in the name of Jesus. The witch, speechless and visibly frustrated, turned to Jessica and kicked her in the stomach.

The meaning of that dream was crystal clear to both of us. We knew to take authority over the enemy (See the Scripture verse above.), but when our children were too little to fight the battle themselves, we needed to do it. From the night of that dream forward, Kelly and I routinely covered our children with prayer.

Shortly after the incident in front of the fireplace, I was back in the den with Kelly (child), and our daughter Joanna, came in to get something. One of us remarked on the cluttered condition of the bookshelves, and I said something akin to, “One of these days I’m going to have to do some major straightening up in here.”

Joanna, who was a teenager at the time, began pulling everything off the shelves. Before I could say, “Wait! What are you doing?! STOP!” she had made a huge pile of “stuff” on the floor in the middle of the room. Dust was flying.

“Now you have to do it,” she said casually.

I was horrified, but deep down I knew Joanna was right. This was the only way it was going to get done. To her credit, she stayed and helped me, and three or four hours later, the room was clean, and everything was either back on the shelves, thrown out, or in boxes for the Salvation Army.

Among the things we found that we’d forgotten about was a coin from India with a hole in the middle and a ribbon tied through it. It had been given to us when we hosted a couple of exchange students for dinner. The guests had come bearing gifts, and one of them, a Hindu young man, had given us this trinket he said would give us “good luck.” I had thought, How cute. The next day I had stuck it up on the top shelf in the corner of the den, where I hadn’t given it another thought. Remembering the incident with Kelly, that day I threw the thing out. I have Jesus, I don’t need “luck,” especially not the Hindu variety.

As my last two posts stated, we can be slaves to sin and fear through ignorance of God’s Word. We can also be slaves to the devil through ignorance, giving him more power over us than he rightfully has. Many Christians are like the man languishing in the jail cell day after day, not realizing the door is unlocked.

If we belong to Jesus, Satan has already lost us. But if we don’t know Scripture that teaches us our position in Christ, we can still unknowingly give the enemy permission to attack our joy, steal our peace, weaken our faith, and damage our witness – never mind what he can do to our children! Too many Christians these days are letting the enemy run their lives.

For more on spiritual warfare and our authority in Christ (Hint: It was not given to only the apostles!) here’s a piece I posted three years ago:

You’re in the Army Now.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank You for sacrificing Yourself so our sins could be paid for and we could be Yours forever. Thank You for giving us everything we need for the battle against the enemy of our souls – the armor of God, the shield of faith, and the sword of the Spirit, Your Word. Help us to study Scripture diligently. Give us insight for fighting the good fight for Your Kingdom. In Your name, and by the power of Your blood, amen.

38 thoughts on “Ignorance is NOT Bliss! Part 3: Slaves of Satan

  1. Oh, amen, Annie! I once knew nothing of such things, but I sure do now. We had a hallway that was just bothersome, the kids often called it haunted. One of the bedroom doors was all beat up and dog chewed and one day something just rose up in me and scared the heck out of my husband because I just claimed all the authority within me and by the power vested in me by Jesus Christ, I command you to take that down and burn it! He did too, right away. The girls who were teens at the time, had to live with a curtain, one that continues to hang there to this day.

    It’s kind of a funny memory, because that is so not me! Way out of character. My hubby is never intimidated by anything, and certainly not me, but I gave him a good scare. My kids still tell people, “sorry there is no door there because mom thought it was possessed and burned it.” It’s a good family joke, but absolutely everybody noticed the change, a heaviness lift away, and no more haunted hallway. It’s been about 8 yrs now and just the other night my hubby said, “I’m so glad we got rid of that door.”

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    1. Wow, I.B. That makes me wonder what the story was behind that door. I know what you mean about “so not me!” I have always been the polite, “ladylike” person, but anyone who messes with my kids is going to see a different side of me.
      Years ago, I was riding my bike with Kelly in the baby seat, and a huge dog came bounding out of a driveway, snarling and snapping at us. Kelly screamed. I stopped, got in its face, pointed back at the house, and yelled “GO HOME!” That dog looked so startled, like he’d never had anyone talk to him that way! 😀 And he slinked on home. 😉

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  2. Thanks for this post today Ann. When we move to a new place I always pray in each room of the house to rid the place of anything evil and for the Lord to fill the place. But reading this reminded me to keep praying over our children and to be aware of evil spirits. Satan is always waiting for a chance to destroy and specifically praying is important.
    Thanks Ann.

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  3. Good teaching, Ann. It is so important for us who call, God, Father to know the power we have in the name of Jesus. To take our authority with us wherever the souls of our feet tread! To subdue the land and to take dominion over it as He instructed us to, (Gen. 1:28)

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  4. Ann, you struck a chord with that Indian “good-luck” charm. I cringe every time I hear a believer say “Good luck” or “Wish me luck.” If I know the person well, I usually say something to the effect that I don’t believe in luck; with “wish me luck,” I sometimes say I’ll pray for the person. For unbelievers, I understand their reference to “luck,” but for believers, there’s no such thing!

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    1. I know what you mean, Keith. I exchanged comments with a slightly hostile unbeliever on another blog, and after it was clear that nothing I said was going to change his mind, I just said this was clearly one of those agree-to-disagree occasions, and I wished him the best. (Of course, I meant I wish him to repent, believe in Jesus, and be saved. 😉 ) To my surprise, he thanked me and wished me the best, too.

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      1. Right. I tend to back off rather than have it continue, especially when it’s not in “my space.” On the other hand, I recently had what you might call a breakthrough with someone; it seemed that when he realized exactly what I was responding to, we ended up having a wonderful encouraging exchange as brothers in Christ.

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  5. What a great lesson of faith, perseverance, and follow through!

    Earlier this year in our home gym area I painted the words “be savage, not average” on one of the walls. I liked the quote when I found it on Pinterest because it simply felt motivating but very shortly after painting the words something seemed off. I studied the words a bit more (through google) and decided I didn’t really care for the negative description of “savage”….I haven’t felt like working out since painting the words and have felt like they should go…you’ve motivated me through a Christian divine perspective. Thank you! Today those words are going away with a fresh coat of cream to match the rest of the wall!!! Amen!!

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    1. That’s the wonderful thing about paint, Alicia, you can paint over it. 😉 I’m glad God lets us change our minds, too.
      Our local gym used to have motivational quotes on the wall around the track, and it bothered me a little that there were quotes from Ghandi, Buddha, and a few philosophers, but nothing from the Bible. (I would have chosen I Timothy 4:8. 🙂 )

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      1. Oh that’s a great verse!! Never noticed that one I guess!!

        I chose the quote “be savage, not average” for my workout area because Steven Furtick (mega church pastor if you’re not familiar) referred to Jesus as savage in a sermon once so when I saw that quote I was like okay I’m gonna use that one…now I’m not sure I’m in agreement with referring to Jesus as savage….🤷‍♀️

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  6. When I received confirmation, which is one of the basic sacraments of Catholicism, given by the bishop himself, I received a particular chrism, as a soldier of God. For many years I did not want to see this mission but now the world needs many soldiers. of Light and all together we must pray to shed this light and disperse the darkness that is covering the world. I have been a sinner, I have avoided dreams, I have avoided illusions but I have lived for many years a slave to my body. Beauty had bewitched me and matter had trapped me. But it is time, the trumpets will sound loud, we will be called to say who we want and I am now sure, I want God and no one else. Amen.

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    1. “I want God and no one else.” Yes!!! He’s the only One that fulfills. And He said, “Ask, and you’ll receive.” He’s yours – your Shepherd, your Provider, your Protector, your Healer, the Lover of your soul. And you are His – bought and paid for with a VERY high price. 💕


  7. How incredible that your little Kelly could actually see something of “the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” that day! Praise God, He who is within us is greater than he who is in the world, and all it takes to dispel the powers of this dark world is to call upon JESUS!

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