“At that time if anyone says to you, ‘Look! Here is the Christ!’ or ‘There he is!’ do not believe it. For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect – if that were possible. See, I have told you ahead of time.” – Matthew 24:23-25

I was sent a video yesterday of a strange occurrence happening in the skies over Jerusalem. Whether the imagery and the sounds were real or fabricated (People can do just about anything with video these days.), it was indeed intriguing. I also found it a bit eerie. The person who sent it to me declared with great excitement that prophecy was being fulfilled! I had to wonder, Which prophecy? When I asked, he responded, “Jesus does what Jesus wants. It is the signs and wonders!”

I had to wonder, a sign of what? Usually when Jesus does something, it means something. The lack of a specific message in this weird phenomenon made me hesitant to jump on the signs-and-wonders bandwagon.

Because of the way things are going these days, I have been revisiting the Scriptures regarding the Last Days – the final days before Jesus’ return to earth – and it does seem possible we could be heading toward the end. But as believers we need to exercise caution. I don’t recall a prediction of this recent sign specifically, although the vague prophecy of “wonders in the heavens and on the earth” (Joel 2:30, quoted by the apostle Peter in Acts 2:19) might include this one.

Nevertheless, Jesus warned His followers multiple times to be cautious in the last days, because there would be many false prophets and false messiahs, performing false miracles. Just because something appears to be supernatural doesn’t mean it is. And even if it is, we can’t assume it’s from God, especially when Jesus told us to watch out for them.

The apostle John admonished us, “Do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.” (I John 4:1) Revelation 13, reminiscent of the prophet Daniel and his dreams, foretells the rise of a “beast” that will be given power by a “dragon.” This beast will appear to suffer a fatal head wound and be healed. Because of this “miracle,” according to John’s revelation, men will be seduced into worshiping both the beast and the dragon.

All these warnings are disturbing, especially considering the kinds of things happening today. One thing that gives me comfort is the phrase, “if that were possible,” implying that the Lord will not let His children be deceived. Jesus promised the Holy Spirit would guide us into all truth. Are we availing ourselves of that promise? When we read about the latest “miracle,” the latest sign, conspiracy theory, or the latest teaching at a well-known church or organization, are we testing the spirits? Are we like the ancient Bereans, who when they heard the gospel searched the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul was teaching them was true? Their healthy skepticism was not criticized, but rather it was written that “the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians.” (Acts 17:11)

I am not saying we should stick our heads in the sand and disregard the news of the day – “if that were possible.” I am saying that as always, and now more than ever, our main source of truth should be in the Scriptures, and we should prayerfully read them every day. What is being taught today will be either confirmed or denied based on the Word of God.

This post is a bit shorter than usual. I am headed for my 50-year class reunion, 51 years after graduating. (Last year’s reunion got postponed.) By the time this is posted, I will be in St. Louis with former classmates, some of which I haven’t seen in 51 years. It will be a time to get reacquainted and “catch up” with one another’s lives. And if you have read me for any length of time, you know what I’ll be sharing. 😉 I hope to have some good stories to tell when I get back.

Meanwhile, here’s a post about my page in the new yearbook, one of the features of this year’s reunion:



Prayer: Lord, as we wait longingly for Your return, help us not to be led astray by the enemy’s various attacks and deceptions. Help us hide Your Word in our hearts (Psalm 119:11) and stay clear-minded and self-controlled so we can pray. (I Peter 4:7) In Jesus’ name, Amen.

36 thoughts on “CAUTION – SIGNS & WONDERS

  1. I agree we need to be diligent and watchful, Annie. The more familiar we are with the Word of God and the closer we are to Jesus, the less likely we will be deceived. You know, like learning to spot counterfeit bills? You study the real currency so closely that when a counterfeit comes along, it’s obvious right away.

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  2. My thoughts/feelings are the same as yours. Jesus told us that “no-one knows the day or the hour”, not even him. Perhaps we should focus more on listening to how we should live out our lives in the circle he’s placed us. We know we will be with him in eternity – and that should be enough for us.

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  3. Ann, I have always loved the phrase “if that were possible” in Matthew 24, meaning that the Lord’s elect will not be deceived by the “signs and wonders” of false Christs and false prophets. And yes, let’s be like the Bereans in searching the Scriptures.

    May you have special times of sharing the Lord with former classmates at your reunion; I just prayed that the Lord will open the hearts of those you will be sharing with.

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    1. Thanks so much for those prayers, Keith. While there was a lot of “seed-planting,” I didn’t observe much direct “harvest.” But I’ve lived long enough to know that we rarely get to see the fruits of our labors at the moment. Time will tell. 😉

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  4. Scripture should be our source of truth. The closer we are to God and the more we study the scripture the less likely we are to get caught up with deceptive theories.
    Have fun at your reunion and I have no doubt in what you will be sharing Ann 🙂.

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  5. Good post Annie, we surely need to be alert but not taken by every ‘report’ of signs & wonders.
    Have a wonderful reunion, may the Lord prepare your heart to share and quicken those around you to receive! ⚘

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    1. I do not read blogs that are more than seven or eight hundred words. Few people write more than that without being repetitious. But mostly it is age-related issue. Hard to focus for me since I left the textbook stage.

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  6. My answer to the signs and wonders (when asked lately) has been…Lets not throw a signs and wonders party, instead lets invite everyone to a “get right or get left” party. Signs and wonders seem to have a lot of people sky watching. Another decoy even though there is probably real stuff happening.
    A good thing to call attention to Annie.

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  7. Important subject. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. People long to know the supernatural realm. I believe we should see more supernatural workings of the Holy Spirit, but almost all of them have been falsely used.

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  8. The main message I get from Jesus’ instructions on the End Times is just that: Do NOT Be Deceived!
    Love the truth, and the Truth, and stay faithful to what we know we have received from Father’s gracious hands.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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    1. Thanks, Jimmy. I think discernment is something we need to pray for every day. It’s not something we just get once, and we’re all set. (I always think of Peter, who discerned that Jesus was “the Christ, the Son of the living God!” and moments later was blurting out protests about Christ’s crucifixion, so that Jesus responded, “Get behind me, Satan!”)

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      1. So true: “ It’s not something we just get once, and we’re all set.” This is insightful. It’s something we work on; like prayer it’s not once but a practice of a lifestyle

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  9. Praying your time with your class reunion has been blessed!!
    No better source of truth than the scripture…trusting His faithfulness all the while, regardless of what’s going on around us. His timing is and will be perfect.
    Great post!!

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  10. Yes, far too many people these days just believe whatever they hear or read or see and never test it to see if it is real or true. And anything can be faked and altered and photo shopped these days, so it is a must that we test everything in prayer and via the Scriptures taught in context. And I hope you enjoy your class reunion, Annie.

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  11. Bless you. False prophets, teachers, preachers, apostasy and contrary spirits are rife in this season. We have to also test ourselves to ensure that we are still in the faith and not be led astray by every wind of doctrine. My Dad always says that the bible is the final authority. Not our opinions or judgments from experience or understanding, but the undiluted word of God. Bless you. 🙏🏾

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