Conspiracy, or Just Theory?

Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. – I John 4:1

“The devil uses a lake of truth to hide a pint of poison.” – Hall Lindsey

For the past few months I’ve been getting articles and videos sent to me regarding news that is nowhere to be found in the mainstream media. These contain information, testimonies, and warnings from people with varying degrees of credibility, backed up by data that can be very convincing, or just plain confusing. The fact that Big Tech and the mainstream news never bring up these subjects on their “All C0vid, all the time” reports isn’t helpful, nor is their blocking or cancelling anyone who dares to ask questions about these things. The articles and videos can be interesting, frightening, infuriating, depressing, or all of the above. Sometimes they’re just entertaining, like watching a fantasy movie about an alternate universe, or a “conspiracy theory” that in the end (*gasp!*) turns out to be really happening.

Knowing about my faith, one of the senders will say something like “You’ll like this one! The guy quotes the Bible and talks about Jesus!” as if that in itself is proof that what’s being said is true. I will usually try to listen with an open mind, but when the person starts saying things that are absolutely contrary to Scripture, that’s when I put on the brakes and say, “Um… no.”

I don’t consider the minutes I’ve spent listening to these video tabloids to be wasted time, necessarily, because it has opened up conversations where I’ve been able to share what the Bible really says about the End Times, one world government, the Antichrist, the Mark of the Beast, etc. Unfortunately, opinions abound about these things, and they can’t all be right. I’m afraid a lot of them are just going to succeed in making Christians look like idiots – not that we won’t be called that and worse anyway, but we should do our best not to be deserving of the labels.

If you profess Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, please, please do your homework. Before reading the latest conspiracy theory, possibly with multiple references to the Bible in or out of context, read the real Bible first. See what Jesus Himself said about the End Times, as recorded by those who heard Him say it (Matthew 24 is a good place to start.) and what His spokesmen said in their letters to the early Church. Then, when you see a verse quoted on social media, look it up and read the whole chapter, maybe even the whole book that it was taken from. Know who originally wrote it, to whom it was written, and what the circumstances were surrounding those words. You may see some similarities between then and now, but take any “lessons” with a large grain of salt, and make applications only after much prayer. (The Hal Lindsey quote would apply here.)

If you do not necessarily profess to being a Christ-follower and your reasons for hesitating to commit come from hearing some flaky conspiracy theories claiming to be Truth that are based on a random selection of Bible verses, please realize that Christ-followers are in one sense like every other demographic. Some are smarter than others. Some are more educated than others, and some know the Scriptures better than others. And some are not Christ-followers at all, they’re either counterfeits or delusional. If the person breathlessly telling you about the latest revelation regarding Donald Trump or Joe Biden or the elusive “Q” has not been to church in years, rarely if ever reads his or her Bible, and spends more time tweeting than praying, please don’t take what that person says as the “Christian perspective.”

For the record, HERE is the Christian perspective:

God created Man in His image, (Genesis 1:27) but Man sinned – we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. (Romans 3:23) The wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23) – We all die.

But God sent His Son to save us by dying on the cross in our place to pay for our sin, so that by believing in Him we can be forgiven. (II Corinthians 5:21) On the third day Jesus rose from the grave to eternal life, and those who put their faith in Him and have had their sins erased will be raised with Him. (John 3:16, Romans 8:11-12) Someday He is coming back to establish His kingdom, (Matthew 24:30-31) and until then His followers on the earth are to share the gospel and bring as many people to faith in Him as we can. (Matthew 28:19-20)

For a more detailed picture of God’s plan to save us, see this two-part post taken from Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount:

Prayer: Lord, it’s hard to hear Your voice among all the others clamoring for our attention. Help us resist the distractions, lies, false hopes in lesser things, and everything that draws us away from You, and help us fix our minds on eternity and the hope You give us, in Jesus’ name, amen.

47 thoughts on “Conspiracy, or Just Theory?

  1. If someone really believes in God, all of that stuff is irrelevant because they’re supposed to trust Him. If Bill Gates is putting microchips that make you gay in vaccine shots, that’s part of God’s plan.

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    1. Haha, that’s one I haven’t heard yet. But God is perfectly capable of disarming a microchip or rendering poison harmless. (Mark 16:18)
      Still, I don’t think “I’m trusting God” is a valid excuse not to do our homework, be informed, use critical thinking, and make wise choices. When Satan challenged Jesus to jump off the roof of the Temple, even quoting Scripture saying the angels would catch Him, He refused, saying we are not to tempt the Lord (by being foolish and self-destructive). (Matthew 4:5-7)

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  2. Well you got my attention Annie, as soon as I saw the title I quickly said to myself, “This is a must read!”. Well stated, logical and I especially liked the part where you mentioned that Christ-followers are in one sense like every other demographic. Strongly concur. Much appreciated. Blessings!

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    1. Yeah, Bruce, I’d like to think that Christians are the smart ones, the morally upright ones, the strong, brave ones, but fact is, we struggle like everyone else. In fact, if the enemy targets those who are threats to him, temptations may be more intense for God’s people.

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  3. I saw a meme recently, may have been on The Babylon Bee, a skeptic saying something like, “Well, I won’t follow Jesus because a Christian cheated at cards in our game.” 😂
    But seriously, we who follow Jesus need to watch our words, our way of life and our worship. Many of us (me included) may have to give some accounting for people we turned away from Jesus . . . like the card game cheater.

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  4. And there’s even more than one Christian perspective, on lots of stuff. “In essentials, unity. In non-essentials, liberty. In all things, charity.” (Marc Antonio de Dominis, Archbishop of Split, 1617)

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  5. Everybody really wants that special, top secret revelation, don’t they? One of my favorite eschatological beliefs is abiding panism. That’s the belief that we just abide in the Lord and it will all pan out in the end. 🙂

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  6. I just read one of your older posts which included the song, Dream Small. (I don’t remember the name of the post, just the song.) Somehow, I closed it and now I can’t find it! Anyway, it really ministered to me today and I love the song and the message that comes with it. I had just prayed for God to speak to me and this older post just popped up! I believe it was an answer to my prayer. Blessings, Annie!

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    1. Aw, thanks Cindy! I pray every day that God would bring people to my blog who need to read something there, and that He’ll show them the pieces that will minister to them. I’m glad He answered that prayer today. 💕
      I was inspired to write another piece on “little things” after seeing your post with the Moody quote about no such thing as little things with God. I’ll be posting it soon.

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  7. Annie, I just read this to my husband. We both are sitting in his hospital room. He got COVID 6 weeks ago. He spent 22 days in the hospital, some of those in ICU … then … yesterday, we had to come back due to blood clots. Your words are wise and timely. I don’t think we could have fixed this thing with chamomile tea and honey.
    A stranger in the store ask me the other day, “Do you think COVID is real?” I just said, “hmmm, well, let me think … yeah, I think so!” I just walked away … made me smile.
    We have gotten to know so many people, medical staff, doctors, nurses, pulmonologists, radiologists, cleaning ladies, virologists and pharmacists. We all are in this together … we need each other … How much more do the parts of the Body of Christ need one another … we need to remind ourselves that we have to pray for wisdom to discern what battles need our attention. Unfortunately, many are expending so much energy on fighting the wrong thing. THANK YOU for reminding us … beautiful post!!!

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  8. Thanks, Heidi. What saddens me is the hostility I see for people who just happen to have a different perspective. I have seen people post that they hope unvaccinated people die. Not the kind of attitude followers of Jesus should be showing! Bless you for just smiling and walking away. My late mother-in-law used to do that – smile, say “I don’t agree,” and refuse to get sucked into an argument no one was going to win.

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  9. Good, solid advice here, Annie. Stressful and uncertain times seem somehow to be an ideal breeding ground for fear-mongering of all kinds. Check, double-check and triple check the quoted sources, friends. And always lean on THE Source,

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  10. I’m also the recipient of many videos from friends , and occasionally the sender . While I do believe that there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye, I don’t think most of these viral videos add much to our knowledge. I prefer to look at the actual scientific research and articles on the UN website and others where they openly discuss their plans to use vaccines to bring in a lucrative, global healthcare system . Bill Gates is also using this same method to finance green energy . When you’re the richest man in the world , or one of them, you have a lot of power to control governments. PS : when I read and comment on WordPress blogs through gmail , it doesn’t sign me in!

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    1. I have seen scientific research from BOTH sides which seem equally valid. The fact that one side is consistently censoring the other causes me to trust them LESS, not more. (Is it just me?) I wish the MSM would just allow both sides to make their case and let people decide for themselves whom they believe.
      P. S. Not a fan of the UN, and the idea of “globalism” is not one that delights me. I’ve read Revelation, and it’s a little too close for comfort. But again, that could just be me…

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      1. Yes , the way the government has gone about this whole thing seems very unusual and unnecessarily heavy handed. Other countries have handled it much differently. The suppression of treatments is the most curious thing.

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  11. Well said! I’ve heard some say that context is king when understanding the Bible. When scripture’s taken piece-meal and used to support one thing or another, it’s so easy to distort truth. No wonder so many believe the Bible contradicts itself.

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