Christianity – the Source of Today’s Evil?

“As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”       – Jesus (John 13:34-35)

“All oppression in Western civilization has been caused by Christianity” is an opinion that seems to have been gaining popularity in recent days.

When considering such a sweeping statement involving the world’s problems over the past two thousand years, we need to start by:

Defining the terms. What exactly is meant by “Christianity”? – Is it an organized religion loosely based on a few selected Bible verses? A political establishment made with the word “Christian” attached to it to give it credibility? A cult wanting to lure the gullible away from the truth to their own warped version of “truth”?

Is the stated opinion referring one of these, or to the words of Jesus of Nazareth: “As I have loved you, so you must love one another.“?

Defining terms makes a huge difference in the validity of what social media celebrities post every day. And latching onto one interpretation or the other can have far-reaching consequences. An impressionable person hearing a confident, authoritative tone of someone denouncing “Christianity” will readily respond, “Yeah! That’s right! #*&% them!” And the next guy in a Jesus t-shirt who tries to talk to him about the claims of Christ gets blamed for every evil from American slavery to the Spanish Inquisition.

Of course, before hearing this universal condemnation, chances are most listeners have had some kind of experience with what they would call “Christianity.”

One person may have spent his early childhood in poverty with an abusive, addicted parent and then been taken in by Christian foster parents, who later adopted him and gave him a loving home and a bright future. Such a person, hearing Christianity equated with oppression, would write off the statement as nonsense.

On the other hand, another person may have been abused multiple times by someone belonging to a church, and those in authority may have refused to believe one of their members had done anything wrong. That person would agree wholeheartedly (and understandably) that “Christianity is evil!”

So, I repeat, defining “Christianity” is extremely important in evaluating statements made by the enemies of the Church.

(We also need to define “the Church.”)

I propose that the logical approach is to go back to the Founder of the faith – Jesus of Nazareth – and see what exactly He taught. It only makes sense that Christ should be the one defining “Christianity.”

Jesus had many teachings, but He said there were two commandments that summed them all up:

Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, and mind. And love your neighbor as yourself. (Matthew 22:37-40)

The child adopted by loving parents has seen these basic commandments being lived out through his family and their social circle.

The child being abused in a church has not. Destroying a child for one’s own gratification could not be considered loving by anyone’s definition. Which begs the question:

If that person had been practicing the opposite of what Jesus taught, why would he be considered “Christian” by any stretch of the imagination? He may call himself a Christian, but that only makes him a liar on top of everything else.

Religious hypocrites have been around since Jesus denounced them Himself, and probably long before that.

The Greek word for “hypocrite” means, literally, “play actor.” In a typical Sunday morning service one can usually find good people who believe in Jesus and are doing their best to follow His teachings – and people who are play-acting. (In other words, both Christians and those who are only pretending to be Christians.)

Ironically, many people reject Christianity based on the behavior of people who aren’t Christians!

The Church, as defined in Scripture, however, is not a building but a body made up of true believers in Jesus Christ world-wide. It has nothing to do with bricks and mortar, politics, or organizations. It does have to do with people who admittedly are sinners, have realized that they are, and have repented. They have accepted Jesus’ atoning death on the cross as payment for their sins and the promise of eternal life. Out of gratitude they are trying to live out their faith through love for God and others.

Are Christians perfect? Certainly not. Are they better than they were? By the grace of God, yes. This is the true Church, the “Body of Christ,” and God alone knows every one of them by name.

He also knows who is play-acting, and unfortunately history is full of those who attach the sacred name of Jesus onto every form of evil – no wonder people are confused!

If you saw a movie about Mother Teresa and later heard about something destructive, immoral, or illegal done by the actress who played the lead role, you wouldn’t judge Mother Teresa by the actions of the person who had pretended to be Mother Teresa! So why do people judge Jesus’ Church by the actions of those who are only pretending to be part of it? Can they not tell the difference?

Here’s how to differentiate between true Christ-followers and the fakes:

Jesus said, “If you love Me, keep my commandments.” And what are His commandments?

Feed the hungry. Clothe the naked. Visit the sick and imprisoned. Love your neighbor. Love your enemies. Pray for those who persecute you,” among others.

So, if someone you encounter is consistently hateful, cruel, spiteful, and selfish, with no regard for the less fortunate (or anyone else), if that person claims to be a Christian, (s)he is a liar. (I John 4:20)

I say “consistently,” because Christians have bad days like everyone else. But the Holy Spirit doesn’t let us be content with living contrary to Christ. Repentance, apologies, and forgiveness are a regular part of life for a true Christ-follower.

So, I submit for your consideration that the words “Christian” and “hypocrite,” by their truest definitions, are mutually exclusive.

Prayer: Jesus, the world is confused about who Your people are, and they spew hatred toward Your Church. Help us not to add to the confusion with an un-Christ-like response, but rather to reflect Your light by loving our enemies and praying for those who hate You, that they may grow to love You as we do, in Your name, amen.


43 thoughts on “Christianity – the Source of Today’s Evil?

  1. This is very relevant as we in Canada deal with the uncovering of First Nation children’s graves in residential school grounds.
    Jesus isn’t always well-represented by his church. Many evils have been done in his name … But he is kind and loving, and hates all evil and injustice. We need to distinguish between the life and teachings of Jesus, and the behaviours of mere men (and women).

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  2. For a contrasting opinion, in his recent book, “Dominion,” the atheist historian Tom Holland had this to say:
    “The Spartans routinely murdered ‘imperfect’ children. The bodies of slaves were treated like outlets for physical pleasure. The poor and the weak had no rights. How did things change? It was Christianity. Christianity revolutionized sex and marriage, demanding that men control themselves and confining sexuality to monogamy, and elevated the status of women. In short, Christianity transformed the world.”

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    1. AMEN! The Christians were the ones who rescued babies left to die in the elements, who cared for the victims of the plagues who had been abandoned by their own families, and on throughout history, to the Abolitionist movement, pro-life crisis pregnancy centers, and many other TRULY Christian ministries. Thanks so much for your input. – Annie

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  3. There’s a resurgence of faith among Millennial men in particular who have concluded that the immoral, self-serving antics of the Baby Boomers and Gen X are the reason western civilization is likely going to collapse. So all is not lost in that regard. I’m not sure what good it will do as we’re discovering this 20 years before we become incontinent and many of us have already raised broken children who will perpetuate said collapse.

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    1. No, Brian, all is not lost! Better late than never. We (and I am WAY older than you are) can and should speak out. There are still enough young people smart enough to learn from the more experienced, and to realize that they have much to learn. (We ALL have much to learn.)

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  4. Thanks, Annie, for writing this.
    Your description of ‘The Church’ is accurate.
    Jesus has called us from every tribe and nation to be his disciples.

    My family was hurt by ‘Christians’, who were not genuine believers.
    People who know Jesus do not devastate and hurt others !

    May we continue to pray for our enemies, as Christ taught us to, and may we, by God’s grace, guide others to the Lord. 🤗

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  5. Not all who call themselves Christian are truly so in their hearts.
    A person accepts something about Christianity through the lens of their experiences. Although we cannot change the entire narrative of what the world can say about Christians or the church, we have to focus on what kind of experiences we are giving to people by our interactions with them.

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  6. What you have identified Annie is true. The prince of this world is conditioning its inhabitants and unfortunately his tactics are gaining momentum in all quarters. Truth is being turned upside down and the current of opposition grows daily. There is a hatred for all that Jesus stands for and reversing the freedom Jesus gained for us is the aim. Lambs being led to the slaughter will indeed be a reality because rebellion currently reigns. Nibbles have become bites and now large pieces are being devoured. Intent to destroy is no longer hidden but is now brazenly displayed. The internal weight of what is coming can be heavy, if we forget and lose sight of the reality of what really is. Jesus told us that these things must come to pass (Luke 21:9) and not to fear nor be alarmed. The commandments of Jesus have not changed and neither has the final outcome, nor will it. Jesus is the first born of many brethren, death, where is thy sting is the reality and Jesus is still Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Our heavenly Father has decreed this and it is so. What must come to pass is not the end but merely the beginning. Persecution will indeed follow and we have been instructed not to defend ourselves (Luke 21:14) but rather to use this as an opportunity to witness and give testimony. And even though some will be killed, not a hair on our heads will perish. That is the final reality! Ultimately there is but one reality and even Satan cannot change that. The times of the Gentiles is being fulfilled. Fear not nor be dismayed. Colossians 3:15 comes to mind: “Let the peace of Christ, to which you were indeed called in one body, rule in your hearts; and be thankful.” I’m thinking that “rule in our hearts” is key. God’s continued blessings on you and yours as always. Love in Christ – Bruce

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  7. Churches are being burned in Canada in response to the atrocities committed to children forced to attend Residential schools. Yet the people who abused these children called themselves Christian. I really like how you emphasize the difference. Calling oneself a Christian does not make it true in fact, especially if one’s actions say otherwise. Those actions speak louder than any label one applies to oneself. (Ugh!)

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  8. You are so right: Christ should be given the right to explain what Christianity is. That might make a good discussion starter with someone who starts bashing Christians. We could follow up with John 13:35 about everyone recognizing followers of Jesus by their love for one another. When someone is NOT loving, it’s doubtful he’s a true Christian. On the other hand, we can site numerous examples of stellar Christians who live up to their faith and calling. Thank you, Annie!

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  9. A very wise Bible teacher had a remedy for those who blamed all woes on Christians & so-called, Christian history. He simply stops them cold when he asks them, “But where do you find Jesus lacking?”. Of course, there’s nothing to blame on Jesus. I’ve tried it myself, and it works nicely. Good write, Ann. God’s grip, Alan

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  10. I too have heard people say that the world would be much better without any Christians, but I’ve always thought that it was too drastic to blame Christianity for all of humanity’s faults throughout history. It’s true that everyone’s perspective is different. For instance – my experience of going to school was extremely negative because I was often discriminated against by students and teachers alike. However, I wouldn’t say ALL schools are bad because of that and I wouldn’t deny the important impact school has on many people’s lives. One christian doesn’t represent all of christianity.

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    1. True, and as I said, we all have “bad days.” But on those days we MUST make right any wrongs we have done – whether we did them on purpose or accidentally. Even with my children, I think they have been more impacted by my apologies than my being “always right.”

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  11. Wow Annie such a timely and well written post. It has echoed across the web and has spurred much needed conversation. I’m late to it, don’t know how I missed it on the 2nd as I follow you. been trying to read Bruce’s post for 2 days now, park very busy, he pointed to this post and here I am. I don’t have anything to add except thank you. As to all who have joined in the conversation as it rings around the web, in my circles anyway, There is resounding agreement with you and commenters herein. Blessings in the highest regard from one who is proud to know you as a sister, Press On!

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  12. Very good stuff, Ann! Yes, defining the terms according to Scripture is the only way to have a hope of clearing up confusion or “Ha; see what they’re like?” in the perceptions of unbelievers. I loved your Mother Teresa (the real deal vs. the actress) comparison.

    As time has gone by, I have heard less and less nonsense about the U.S. being a “Christian” nation. Regardless, people really like to slap labels on things and people, whether with good or for bad intentions, because among other things it obviates the need for real thinking, including nuance.

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  13. “Defining the terms. What exactly is meant by “Christianity”? – Is it an organized religion loosely based on a few selected Bible verses?”

    You will not find the word ‘religion’ in the Four Gospels, meaning that Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ) never came to this earth in order to start a religion. Nor did He instruct His Learners (disciples) to go off and a start a religion either.

    All religions are hu-man made and deliberately designed to deceive mankind and lead them away from their Creator, including The Counterfeit Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion – the most evil and deceptive of all:

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  14. Powerful revelation Jesus Christ teaching are being perverted. His teaching were based on the kingdom of God and we have reduced it to mere religion.Jesus was a message about the Kingdom of God and through out his teaching he gave us parable to show us what the kingdom is like so we should spread the gospel of the Kingdom of God

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  15. Thank you for reading this article is very well written and someone pretty said gave me a few ideas in how to describe what a true Christian is to my unsaved friends. One already says that they love what they see in me but they can’t except a God who will allow hellfire and brimstone. I have told them that God has given us a choice And yet we reject the choice because we wanna think of ourselves is better did anyone else or sometimes even God. Which we are not we are all sinners only some of us have asked Jesus into our hearts so we are forgiven when we confess

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  16. Very timely and relevant!

    The Enemy has planted tares in the vineyard of the wheat and the onlookers have considered the vineyard to be tare vineyard.

    The sad thing is that this wrong perception the hypocritical Christians have given to the church before the world is tarnishing the image of Christ and wrecking the faith of some christians, most especially weak christians.

    It is high time for the church to come out and shine forth her light for everyone to see. The light has long been hidden in the bushel!

    The church also need to come out from false humility and the gullibility of embracing the group of people for no just cause, an act that let the vulnerable to ferocious wolves.
    However, the concern has been to what point the church can go on the foregoing.

    I will appreciate having your thoughts.

    Thank you Annie


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