From Grumpy to Grateful (A Story of Thanksgiving) Chapter 5

And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

This is the last post from my new children’s book, From Grumpy to Grateful. This book has not been published yet, but until it is, this has been a “sneak preview” for my readers. If you missed the posts leading up to this final chapter, you can find them here:


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          “Hey, Lazybones!”

          Jackson’s heart skipped a beat at the sound of the familiar voice. “You gonna sleep all day?”

          “DAD!” Jackson cried. He sat up and threw his arms around his father.

          “Whoa!” laughed Dad, nearly falling over. He gave his son a hug and a tickle under the ribs. Jackson shrieked with delight. “Hey, get up, buddy. If you’re ready in time, I’ll take you out for doughnuts before school.”

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          “Doughnuts!?” Jackson gasped. The thought of doughnuts seemed too good to be true. His father laughed again at the look of amazement on his son’s face.

          “Yeah, you know, those round things with the holes that we eat too much of when Mom’s not looking?” He winked. “You get dressed. I’ll be downstairs.”

          Dad stepped out of the room, and as he closed the door, Jackson saw his Cardinals jacket hanging on the hook, partially covering the poster of “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” He heard the rustle of shavings as Homer dug for his breakfast, and he smelled the coffee Mom had brewing in the kitchen. He heard the shower running from the bathroom and knew his sister was getting ready for school.

          Charlotte! School! For perhaps the first time in his life he smiled at the very thought of school. Friends! Teachers! The nice lunch lady – lunch! The library – books! Field trips! Sports! Art class! Jackson felt about to burst with thankfulness for all the people and things in his life – more than he could count or hold. As he dressed, he felt the soft, red cotton shirt against his skin and thought about how much he liked red. He picked up Homer to say, “Good morning,” stroking his little back and feeling the soft, silky fur.

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          Then he felt something else, something warm and wet trickling down his face. He bowed his head.

          “Thank You, God,” he whispered. “You’ve given me so much … and I’m sorry for saying … well, You know …” He was ashamed even to think about what he had said when he was trying to be as cool as Bill. Then he realized the truth.

          Bill wasn’t cool. Bill was sad.

          “Please help Bill to know how much You love him,” Jackson prayed, remembering his discouraging conversation with the bigger boy. “I tried, but I think it has to be You telling him.”

          Jackson couldn’t explain what it felt like, but at that moment somehow he knew that Jesus was smiling at him.

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Prayer: Father, forgive us for taking Your blessings for granted, and for complaining about what we don’t have, instead of discerning those around us who need our prayers, our gifts, our time, and our friendship. You have blessed us to be a blessing. Show us how, in Jesus’ name. Amen.


30 thoughts on “From Grumpy to Grateful (A Story of Thanksgiving) Chapter 5

    1. Thanks, Leila! As you may have seen on my newest post by now (It was supposed to be posted tomorrow, but I hit the wrong key.), my husband and I are doing our part in achieving herd immunity. So while the world may not see us as “staying well,” we are on our way to finally being able to visit our kids and grandkids without fear. 😀 I hope you and yours have a great Thanksgiving, too.

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      1. Hi Annie, sorry to be late in responding. That is awesome that you’ll finally be able to visit the grandkids! This being separated thing feels so unnatural and depressing. Enjoy every minute of the precious moments with your family. The Lord bless you all and keep you safe. Happy Thanksgiving ❤️🙏🏻

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      1. Sigh…I’ll keep shoving some ideas your way if that’s OK. Marketing is the other 100% after the book is all ready. Have a book “Grumpy to Grateful” website with a series coming as your main characters grow and develop in hopes that the children reading them develop with them.

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  1. This is such a wonderful story with great lessons for kids and adults alike. My grandchildren always get books from me as Christmas gifts. I’m anxious to see this in print and put it in a gift bag! Thanks for giving us the pleasure of a sneak peak.

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  2. I’ve loved reading this, Annie. It’s the kind of imaginative story that children will be engrossed in and one which parents and grandparents will enjoy telling. Congratulations! I hope you write many more books for children – it’s so important (and fun) for them to hear these stories.

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