Red Letter Day!!! … yesterday.

CELEBRATING! 😃💥🤸🎶 Yesterday I hit a milestone and didn’t even realize it until today. Yesterday I gained my 500th “follower.” How many of these “followers” actually read my blog regularly is no doubt considerably fewer, but “500 followers” sounds respectable… until you see that some bloggers have followers numbering in the tens of thousands… 🙄

No matter! What REALLY matters isn’t the numbers. It’s the times when what I write impacts a life, and I have to trust that whoever is meant to be reading a given post will either stumble on it or purposefully go there and read the message of the week. When I read “I needed this today!” or “I never thought of it that way,” I know God is at work. So whether that’s 500 people, 100, or just one person, it’s worth the time I spent writing – which is what I love to do, anyway.

50 thoughts on “Red Letter Day!!! … yesterday.

  1. Thanks for the honesty and yes that is so true. Out of 700+ followers maybe 15-20 actually see or respond. However I also suspect that WordPress has algorithms that restrict who I can see. I also follow a lot of blogs and often have to do a search just to find them. But as you said if it’s just for a few it is still a blessing. Have a blessed week.

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  2. Congratulations on reaching this milestone! I can totally relate to the difference between followers and those who continue to engage with my blog. I truly value those who stop in and interact with my writing journey.

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  3. Nice!! And you’re so right even if you just reach one….sometimes when I write and go back and read it I think I am my one…God talks to me so big and powerful through my very own posts🙏❤️

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  4. Yes, it is exciting to see the followers grow. I am sort of at a standstill this last year. It might very well be that I have all the serious followers I need. The Lord knows how many I can really help in a meaningful way. I can’t complain. No use throwing seed in infertile soil just to watch numbers grow. I think the same thing about churches. I believe God stops the growth of certain churches because they have reached the capacity to disciple, and begin looking for numbers instead. I’m thankful for you.

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