If You Can’t Delete, Edit

A dear friend recently pointed out to me a glaring blunder in one of my posts. It was the piece on forgiveness, and I had used a quote from a pastor as an example of an admirable attitude toward people who had wronged him. It was a story I had heard long ago (translate: 20 years or more), and what the pastor said was something I had never forgotten. In my eagerness to get to the quote I included information that was not only unnecessary but potentially hurtful. It wasn’t important who the culprits were, and I was wrong to mention them, especially if doing so would distract from the point I was trying to make – and apparently it did, for at least one person. She asked if I could cite the news article, which I found I couldn’t. I couldn’t even tell her in what decade the event occurred. Of course, I realized she was absolutely right, and I tried to rectify the offense by deleting the post before anyone else saw it.  … Or I thought I had deleted it. (I clicked on the icon that looks like a trash can, thinking (silly me) that would dispose of the article.)

Apparently I am even more technologically challenged than I thought. The next day I was notified that several people had “liked” the post, and I saw to my horror that it was back/still up! After trying again without success to delete the post, I have edited the content, taking out the (completely unnecessary) identity of the “sinners.” Of course, that word could apply to all of us, couldn’t it? Not the least of which is yours truly.

For those who “liked” the post earlier, I’m glad you caught the spirit of the message and overlooked my insensitive blunder. And for the friend who gave me another perspective which will undoubtedly help me avoid similar blunders in the future – Thank you!

After all, this blog is not called “Divine Perspective,” but “Seeking Divine Perspective,” and I’m glad for any help my readers can offer. We’re all in this together.

(By the way, can any of you tell me how I do delete a post that’s already up?)

5 thoughts on “If You Can’t Delete, Edit

  1. Perfectly understandable. And sometimes it helps on the part of the reader to “delete” things we know an author didn’t intend. I trust many gracious readers have “deleted” literary missteps on my part!!

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