Angels in Traffic?

“For he will command his angels concerning you, to guard you in all your ways.”                                                                                                                     Psalm 91:11

I could have died that night, but I guess God wasn’t ready to call me home just yet.

I was heading home after a music class for refugees, having dropped off two of the teens. It was after 7:00, and I was hungry and impatient to get home. I was playing a CD of Keith and Kristyn Getty’s songs in an attempt to focus on more spiritual things than dinner. There was one car ahead of me at a major intersection, and when the light finally turned green, it just sat there. After about five seconds I gave a couple of light taps on my horn. Still the car sat there. I figured someone was texting.

I was about to honk again a little louder, when a large emergency vehicle that I had neither seen nor heard came barreling through the intersection. I started to shake, as I realized the car I had been so impatient with had quite possibly saved my life.

As I cautiously continued on my way, the next song on the CD came on:                                                                         “He Will Hold Me Fast.”

I cried the rest of the way home.

Prayer: Lord, You hold our lives in Your hands. Help us to trust You and not be impatient when things aren’t going as fast as we think they should. Since we know neither the Big Picture nor the unseen dangers that threaten us, help us to take momentary delays as divine speed bumps that keep us safe. In Jesus’ name, amen.


10 thoughts on “Angels in Traffic?

  1. I have had so many times when I’ve felt divine intervention as God uses someone else’s slow or odd driving habits to put me (and others) in a safer place. You’d think by now I’d have learned to be more patient about those situations, but alas, I still have much to learn.
    “Be still,” He says.
    And I respond, “Hang on, let me hurry and do this one thing.” (smacking my head)

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  2. Something very similar happened to me about 15 years ago, but I’ll never forget it. It was at night. I pulled up to a very large intersection and stopped. My friend Tanja said, “Cindy, the light is green.” But it looked red to me. Then a large tracker trailer, a 16 wheeler, went flying by in front of us. We just stared at each other for a second in shock! We both knew God had saved our lives. By the way, we were driving home from our Tuesday night Bible Study. God is good!

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  3. Glad you’re alright.
    I’ll second Heather and her comment – this happened to me on more than 1 occasion, too. And I do recognize it when it happens, so I hope that’s the first step in the right direction.
    For a moment I remember and drive cautiously, but then I get back to normal. Still human. Still trying and failing. But still trying.

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